Key findings

Key findings of the report

Violation of fundamental freedoms is one of the strongest findings of this report.
Numerous recorded cases of violations of freedom of association, expression and assembly are recorded within Area 1.
2.Establishing GONGOs and PONGOs is one of the main trends in Serbia during 2019 in the public space and the media.
Their role is visible in decision-making processes, distribution of state money, and the initiation and campaigning of
critically oriented actors.
3Different domestic and international reports assess non-favorable framework for individual and corporate giving. There are no proper tax benefits underlying the further growth of giving. Implementation of existing incentives is not unique and different practices of the competent authorities in this regard are present. The definition of public interest is inconsistent in Law on Associations law and tax laws. There is no system for collecting data on donations from citizens and businesses.
4.Although there is a framework for transparent state funding, it still contains certain gaps, which allow for the prescribed procedures, and in particular the political influence on the final decisions. The state funding for CSOs in Serbia is
one of the initial reasons for increasing GONGO activities and a number of such cases have been reported.
5.The legal framework still does not stimulate volunteering, no acknowledges the value of volunteer engagement and does not enables the collection and analysis of data on volunteers and volunteer hours.
6.Although certain changes in the legal framework have been observed, they are not qualitative and do not address the problem of limited influence in the decision-making process. Due to the focus of the EU on quantitative criteria, a
trend of faking public participation and debates was observed, with strong GONGOs activities.