August 1, 2018

End of State of Emergency in Turkey – Speak Out for the Human Rights Agenda

The Turkish authorities have ended the imposed “State of emergency”, after two years marred by continuous human rights violations committed […]
October 1, 2018

Macedonia’s Model of Inclusion of CSOs in the Accession Negotiations

A new discussion paper by Ivan Nikolovski from IDSCS aims to incite a discussion between the Macedonian government and civil […]
November 1, 2018

Serbian CSOs Ask Authorities to Ensure Rule of Law and Enabling Civic Space are Respected

The 7th meeting of the EU-Serbia Civil Society Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) that took place in Belgrade on 23 October […]
November 15, 2018

Turning Data-Driven Accountability into Meaningful Action for Civil Society

Are we representing and amplifying the right voices? Are our programmes and campaigns geographically inclusive? How can we support our […]