We Need to Talk About How Covid-19 is Affecting Human Rights

KCSF Reflection on EC Kosovo Report 2020 on Civil Society: Positive Legal and Policy Framework, but Implementation Lags Behind
November 28, 2020
Turkey Fines Social Media Giants Second Time for Defying Law
December 15, 2020

The pandemic’s severe impact across the globe has exposed flaws of social, economic, and political models, challenged the societies, tested the collective humanity, and aggravated inequalities. As the lack of social protection measures persisted, pre-existing inequalities, injustices, and gaps in human rights protection have become more pronounced. As the pandemic rages on, the article presents: Weakening democratic practicesEnhanced state surveillance and impact on personal freedoms/privacyRestrictions on freedoms of information and expression, and Unequal impact of pandemic on vulnerable populations as four areas of growing concern for human rights. Read more here.

Source: UNDP Euroasia

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