Slovenian NGOs Faced With Eviction From Metelkova Street

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October 30, 2020
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October 30, 2020

Around 20 Slovenian NGOs have been obliged to relocate from their offices in a building owned by the Slovenian Culture Ministry. Over 200 NGOs have responded in a protest letter, suspecting this move as the Slovenian government attacking civil society and democracy. An online petition to stop their eviction was also launched and had collected almost 8,000 signatures. The Slovenian Culture Ministry issued a press release relating the eviction as a need to renovate the building. Director of the Peace Institute indicated that NGOs are being targeted by the Slovenian restrictive measures. The tension between the Slovenian NGOs and government follows after fundings for NGOs have been cut and redirected to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here.

Source: Civic Space Watch

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