Civil Society Role Amid COVID- 19 in the Balkans

SEE Governments Continue to Undermine Right to Information Under Cover of COVID-19
October 30, 2020
UN Human Experts Alert: Anti-terrorism Laws are being Misused to Crack down on Civic Space in Serbia
November 13, 2020

During the COVID- 19 pandemic, governments in Southeast Europe have imposed significant restrictions on fundamental human rights and freedoms. The Associate Direction for programs at Human Rights Watch has suggested that government actions have been detrimental to human rights through excessive restrictions of movement, as well as, deepening discriminatory patterns to vulnerable groups, such as minorities, LGBT+ communities, refugees, migrants, and older people. With the enhanced use of executive powers, there has also been speculation about increased disinformation. In light of this, by taking a larger role in supporting the vulnerable groups, CSOs have offered services against the conditions imposed by the pandemic and government action. Read more here.

Source: Balkan Insight

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