European Civic Forum: First EU Rule of Law Report Recognizes the Important Role of the Civic Actors

Revitalizing Democracy Internationally, Article Published
October 14, 2020
BCSDN Background Analysis of the Enlargement Package 2020: Should Civil Society Be Satisfied with Just Being Acknowledged?
October 14, 2020

The European Civic Forum recognizes how the European Commission emphasizes civic actors’ role for the defense of the rule of law. The report acknowledges that the safeguards of the rule of law depend on the entire ecosystem of institutional and societal checks and balances and the civic organizations as main actors for alerting on violations of the rule of law. The recognition and inclusion of civic space in the report is a positive indication by the EC, which has taken into account the national and European CSOs and networks’ voice in the last years and amid the pandemic. This action needs to lead to a concrete commitment to a regular, structured, and transparent civic dialogue on any issue that concerns public policies.  Read more here.

Source: European Civic Forum

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