BCSDN Background Analysis of the Enlargement Package 2020: Should Civil Society Be Satisfied with Just Being Acknowledged?

European Civic Forum: First EU Rule of Law Report Recognizes the Important Role of the Civic Actors
October 14, 2020
Turkey: Monitoring Committee Condemns New Crackdowns On Political Opposition and Civil Dissent
October 30, 2020

BCSDN published its 11th consecutive analysis of the European Commission Enlargement Package 2020, assessing the progress made in the area of civil society development and dialogue with public institutions in Enlargement countries, and published recently, against BCSDN’s Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development. Regarding the overall progress in the enabling environment for civil society operations, improvements are evaluated in Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. While an enabling environment for civil society “still needs to be established on the ground” in Serbia, no progress was identified in Albania and BiH. The “space for civil society to operate freely has continued to diminish” in Turkey. Read and download the analysis here.

Source: BCSDN

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