EESC Report on National Developments in the Area of Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law From a Civil Society Perspective

Advocacy in Restricted Spaces: A Toolkit for CSOs Published
June 30, 2020
TACSO Published the Executive Summary on the Report on Civil Society Capacity and Conditions in the Western Balkans and Turkey for the Period 2018-19
June 30, 2020

The report updates the interim report published in November 2019, and affiliates the main conclusions from the EESC’s high-level Conference on the rule of law, presenting an increasing weakening and stigmatization of civil society in Europe over the last years. Freedom of association, including the right of CSOs to freely conduct their activities and access to funding, are shown to have been under particular strain. Some of the key challenges to the freedom of the media, the right to information and freedom of expression are also listed. The report helps to provide an understanding of the underlying trends that since recently have come to the forefront, and which may be further aggravated by the unprecedented events and their consequences. Read more here. Read more here.

Source: EESC

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