Aid Transparency Index 2020 Published

Countering Shrinking Spaces: Recommendations to Support EU Civil Society
June 30, 2020
NGOs Call for Continued Support for Transparency and Accountability
June 30, 2020

The Aid Transparency Index is based on a collection of data published by the respective providers in the International Aid Transparency Initiative. It hosts open live data published voluntarily by more than 1,150 organizations, providing information on organizations’ development and humanitarian activities. The report demonstrates improvement in donors’ overall transparency compared to 2018. The latest results after all of the donors, except those in the ‘very poor’ category, published IATI data about their activities and policies, meaning their information is open, timely, comparable, and centralized, meeting the international standard for aid transparency. The publication highlights remarkable improvements made by the EC, demonstrating its continued commitment to transparency. Read more here.

Source: Publish What You Fund

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