Opening Governments in Times of Lockdown, Policy Brief Published

Uniformity and Differentiation in the Fundamentals of EU Membership, Research Paper Published
June 15, 2020
Democracy After Coronavirus
June 15, 2020

A new policy brief, prepared by the regional WeBER initiative, explores the approaches of public administrations in the Western Balkans in regards to the COVID-19 crisis. The brief presents the quality of communication and implementation of the measures taken by the governments of the region in responding to the pandemic. It argues that streamlined and straightforward communication, as well as the transparency in the implementation of the measures, are crucial in times of emergencies and crises, taking into account the vulnerability of the citizens in the relationship with the government in comparison to regular times. Based on an overview of positive and negative practices presented, the brief provides a set of recommendations that will be of the highest importance for the governments. Read more here.

Source: EPI

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