CfP: Call for Applications for CSOs in North Macedonia (Deadline: 29 June 2020)

CfP: Resource Centre for CSOs in Montenegro (Deadline: 30 June 2020)
June 15, 2020
CfP: Equal Rights in Action Fund (Deadline: 26 June 2020)
June 15, 2020

The call provides the opportunity of financial cooperation and support to 3 CSOs active in the field of human rights and gender equality in three targeted regions in the country. Sub-granting will enable the financial environment that supports the sustainability of grassroots CSOs while ensuring that they can perform independently as free legal aid providers for victims of rights violations. Sub-granting will further increase the ownership and sustainability of any activities undertaken within the project in line with the innovative package. The maximum amount that will be provided to a single sub-grantee is 10 000 EUR. The maximum total amount of re-granted will be 30.000 EUR. Read more here.

Source: The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation

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