Claiming Back Civic Space Towards Approaches Fit for the 2020s? Report Published

Democracy and the State Of Emergency Second Report Published
June 1, 2020
Participatory Democracy – A Success story Written by the EESC, Compendium Published
June 1, 2020

The space available for civil society, activists, and citizens have been under attack over the past decade. The report confirms a recent acceleration of the trend of ‘closing’ or ‘shrinking’ civic space. Triggered by both state and non-state actors through legal means like repressive laws, as well as through para-legal tactics, the backlash affect progressive CSOs involved in human rights promotion, as well as the humanitarian organizations, community groups, charities, environmental activists, etc. This situation challenges the freedom of speech, association, and assembly. Given the importance of a healthy civil society for purposes ranging from holding governments accountable to delivering services to communities, the assaults threaten the inclusive and sustainable developments, indicated in the 2030 Agenda. Read more here.

Source: ecdpm

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