Beyond More: The Transformative Potential of Mutual Aid

CfP: Promoting Media Literacy and Accurate Information in Montenegro (Deadline: 8 June 2020)
June 1, 2020
Future of Philanthropy: The Key Trends- Meta Analysis of Forecasts
June 1, 2020

The article presents three approaches philanthropy might take to the current crisis. First, there is the motion toward austerity; the second approach is toward faster and bigger charity. The third and final approach is a mutual aid, based on the idea that everyone has needs that should be met, and that everyone has something to offer to help meet others’ needs. The article indicates that wealth should be out in the community and facilitating ongoing development that allows communities to meet their needs and improve the quality of life. The foundations need to engage in the community to do their share of the collective thinking and building together. Read more here.

Source: NPQ

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