BCSDN’s Advocacy Platform towards the EU

COVID-19 Regional Overview Part II and Website Published: The Effects to and the Impact of Civil Society in the Balkan Region
May 15, 2020
CfA: Civil Society Scholar Awards (Deadline: 22 July 2020)
June 1, 2020

To demonstrate transparent and accountable advocacy, BCSDN has prepared its Advocacy Platform towards the EU which outlines our key objectives, the reasoning, and the change we want to see in EU’s policy towards the civil society in the enlargement countries. The document is based on the extensive experience of the network on the issue and on its findings from monitoring the civil society environment in the region, the discussions within the network, with representatives of EU institutions and other civil society organizations, and on the feedback gathered from our members. BCSDN’s Advocacy Platform has laid down three key objectives, identifying in each of them what success would look like: 1) Comprehensive EU Framework for Civil Society Development in the Enlargement Countries, 2) IPA III Supports Strong and Sustainable Civil Society, and 3) Advanced Policy Dialogue between the EU and Civil Society. Read more here.

Source: BCSDN


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