IPA III Civil Society Consultation Feedback Report Published

Enabling Environment for Philanthropic activity in Albania
May 14, 2020
The Future of Civil Society Organisations Published
May 14, 2020

The report presents the contributions received from regional networks, organizations, and individuals from IPA beneficiaries. Some of the main points raised in the civil society consultation are: specific thematic issues need to be added or need to be better reflected in terms of their prioritization and approach; civil society involvement in IPA III is vital in all phases, including in further IPA III regulation and framework design and IPA III programming, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation; funding re-allocation from the government to civil society in cases of democratic backsliding and shrinking civic space; improved indicators in EU Civil Society Guidelines; flexibility in the approach to IPA III implementation; public institutions capacities and accountability, etc. Read more here.

Source: EU TACSO 3

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