EESC Contribution to the EU-Western Balkans Summit on 6 May 2020

Nations in Transit 2020: Dropping the Democratic Facade
May 14, 2020
CSO Declaration on Zagreb EU – Western Balkans Summit
May 14, 2020

As the role and the opinion of the civil society are essential for progress on topics and values at the very core of the EU, the EESC published declaration as a contribution to the political leaders participating in the Western Balkans Summit. We are glad and enthusiastic that the opinion voices concerns raised by BCSDN and local CSOs are taken into consideration, and are part of the document. Also, EESC strives to continue its engagement to ensure that the voice of the civil society is heard, insisting upon democratic principles and international best practices in emergency measures affecting civic freedoms, contributing towards an overall sustainable future in the region. Read more here.

Source: EESC

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