ECNL/BCSDN Webinar: Emergency End Game

2019 CSO Accountability in Focus Reports
May 14, 2020
ECNL Handbook – How to Use EU Law to Protect Civic Space
May 14, 2020

ECNL and BCSDN organized a joint webinar to provide an overview of current practices and responses in the Western Balkans, Croatia and Romania, with the underlying question – how can civil society effectively monitor and prepare to request lifting of restrictions during Corona pandemic. Speakers discussed the severe measures that have been taken in the region to slow down the spread of the COVID-19. In some countries, governments have declared a State of Emergency, basic rights and freedoms have been restricted. Once the health emergency subsides and the overall situation improves, most measures will have to be lifted. The danger remains that some negative effects will stay. With the role of the parliaments and the opposition (somewhat) marginalized, civil society has become even more crucial in continuous monitoring of the emergency measures. Read more here.

Source: BCSDN

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