CfP: Peace Nexus Western Balkans 2020 (Deadline: 7 June 2020)

CfP: Building Communities’ Resilience to Violent Extremism in the Western Balkans (Deadline: 7 June 2020)
May 14, 2020
CfP: Visegrad/Visegrad+/Strategic Grants (Deadline: 1 June 2020)
May 14, 2020

Peace Nexus launches a call for proposals striving to partner with organizations that contribute to social cohesion in the Western Balkans with organizations operating on the regional level. They are particularly interested in supporting actors that work to increase the quality and intensity of collaboration across ethnic and national lines, thus contributing to regional mobility, dialogue, and reconciliation. Further, they strive to support organizations able to mobilize and engage citizens in support of transitional justice and democratic reforms. Read more here.

Source: Peace Nexus

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