Challenges to Human Rights Have Intensified in Europe

The Macedonian CSOs Call the Government to Change the Decision to Drastically Decrease the Financial Support for the Civil Society
April 30, 2020
Assessment of the Situation of the CSOs in Serbia in 2019 Report Published
April 30, 2020

In its annual activity report for 2019 The CoE Commissioner for Human Rights provides an overall picture of the main problems, challenges and opportunities that European countries are facing in the field of human rights. As in previous years, there have been growing challenges to human rights standards and principles all over the continent. Five of the topics covered in the report, such as: the growing political and societal acceptance of racism; the disregard of the human rights of migrants and refugees; the threats to women’s rights; the repression of dissent; and the erosion of judicial independence present a well picture about the ongoing backlash in Europe. In the report, the commissioner also emphasized that the current COVID-19 pandemic is aggravating some of the long present problems, highlighting the weaknesses of Europe’s human rights protection system. Read more here.

Source: CoE

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