Amendments to the Law on Associations of Turkey Are problematic on Both Procedural and Substantive Accounts

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April 30, 2020
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April 30, 2020

The Expert Council on NGO Law of the Conference of INGOs of the CoE published an opinion that examines the compatibility with European standards of recently enacted amendments to the Law on Associations of the Republic of Turkey. The effect of these amendments is to require an association to notify the local administrative authority of any changes in its membership within thirty days or become liable to a penalty. The opinion concludes that the amendments to the Law on Associations are problematic on both procedural and substantive accounts. There was no ex-ante impact assessment and proper public discussion before their adoption, the sweeping membership notification requirement runs counter to the right to respect for private life and to freedom of association and the penalty that can be imposed fails to meet the legality and proportionality requirements under Article 11 of the ECHR. Read more here.

Source: CoE

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