Common Challenges with Implementing Primary Constituent Accountability

Civil Society in the Corona Crisis
April 14, 2020
The Use of the Global Standard for Re-Grating to Local CSOs in North Macedonia
April 14, 2020

The Resilient Roots (RR) initiative examines whether organizations who are accountable to their primary constituents, that is, the individuals and communities they support and serve, are better able to withstand external threats related to closing civic space. The first case study looked at three dimensions of accountability (giving, taking, and holding to account) and provided examples from the Resilient Roots cohort of pilot partners for each one. The second case study distinguished between organizations that are primarily service delivery focused and those who are more advocacy focused to examine some of the implications these differing approaches may have on primary constituent accountability (PCA) mechanisms. This case study examines the various common challenges that pilot partner organisations faced in the implementation of their PCA mechanisms. Read more here.


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