Civil Society in the Corona Crisis

COVID-19: An Opportunity for Transformative Grant Making
April 14, 2020
Common Challenges with Implementing Primary Constituent Accountability
April 14, 2020

CSOs, big and small, global and local, are ‘system-relevant’ – it matters to millions of people that they remain operational and support the most vulnerable and their environment. It comes as no surprise that the SDG principle to ‘Leave no one behind’ has become a unifying theme of solidarity in response to the Coronavirus around the world, mirroring what CSOs stand for. The article presents a couple of crucial advocacy initiatives, emphasizing that they are occurring in order of urgency rather than priority, such as: advocating for flexible use of resource towards donors, addressing social consequences of the economic fallouts, advocating for the upholding of human rights in times of crisis, addressing the digital dimensions of surveillance vs case tracking, campaigning for the protection of the most vulnerable. Read more here.

Source: ICSC

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