BCSDN Thematic Newsletter: Solidarity in Times of Corona Crisis

International Civil Society Week 2020/21
April 14, 2020
States Responses to Covid 19 Should Not Halt Freedoms of Assembly and Association
April 15, 2020

BCSDN has started publishing a bi-monthly thematic newsletter dedicated to the CSOs’ work, efforts and actions on the situation caused by the ongoing Corona crisis. The Newsletter is collection of regional and international stories and CSOs’ responses on how the new situation affects the civil society sector as such, and the new conditions with which the organizations are faced, including adaptation to new ways of working, changing plans, goals, deliverables and finance, including the CSOs and donors’ perspective. The Newsletter is joint work of the BCSDN Executive Office and its member organizations from the Balkans. Read the first edition here and register for the upcoming updates here.

Source: BCSDN

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