Experts Urge Charities to Communicate Their Needs Clearly to Their Donors

Philanthropy Needs to Trust Nonprofits Now More Than Ever
March 31, 2020
Open letter: Donors and Supporters Must Act to Ensure Civil Society Resilience Against COVID-19 Pandemic
March 31, 2020

As the coronavirus quickly spreads, many donors are unsure how to step in and help. It is uncertain why nonprofits should step up right now and start talking to their donors, whether it’s wealthy individuals who give directly or those who give through their foundations. The philanthropy experts advise that nonprofits need to do everything they can to communicate clearly to their supporters and stakeholders in the community what their status is as honestly as they can and ask for the kind of help they really need. Nonprofits should also communicate with their grant makers. There are a lot of ways [foundations] can provide flexibility both by releasing grantees from obligations under existing grant agreements and by providing additional funding. Read more here.

Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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