Why Civil Society Cannot Be Passive on Artificial Intelligence

Measuring People Power in 2020+ Published
March 12, 2020
Resilient Roots: 10 Tips to Collect Feedback from Your Primary Constituents- Part 2 of 5 Published
March 12, 2020

Instead of just being an end-user, civil society leaders must shift priority to how a deliberate disruption in the use of such technologies for public good can affect their organizational purposes. For instance, what impact does fake news and disinformation have on the work of nonprofits and fundamental freedoms, which the constitution guarantees us. If civil society leaders want companies, whose technology they use to take necessary actions on both the positives and negatives of AI, ML and big data, they must hold their senior management teams directly accountable. Only chief executives and their senior team can provide details on how changes across their platforms are being executed. For these discussions to have impact, there has to be a change in how the sector sees and engages with both government and the private sector. Read more here.

Source: PUNCH

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