Freedom House: In Serbia in the Past 10 years, the Greatest Decrease of Freedoms has been Recorded

Civic Space 2040 Report Published
March 12, 2020
Review of Developments in Standards, Mechanisms and Case Law Related to NGOs- 2017-2019 Published
March 12, 2020

Freedom House report monitors the situation in the areas of electoral process, political pluralism and participation, the functioning of government, freedom of expression and thought, the rule of law as well as fundamental freedoms. As stated in the report, 83 countries are ranked free, 63 as partially free, while 49 are free. This year, Serbia is once again classified as a partially free country. In the report it was also stated that Serbia belongs to the list of countries where the greatest decrease of freedoms has been recorded in the last 10 years. Reflecting on the state of freedoms in Serbia, the report states that in Montenegro and in Serbia, independent journalists, opposition figures and other individuals labeled government enemies face constant threats, intimidation and sometimes violence. Read more here.

Source: Civic Initiatives

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