Civicus Monitor: A Bleak Winter for Freedom of Expression in Albania

Resilient Roots: 10 Tips to Collect Feedback from Your Primary Constituents- Part 2 of 5 Published
March 12, 2020
Civic Space 2040 Report Published
March 12, 2020

Despite criticism from the CoE, OSCE, international media freedom organizations, the EU, local media and journalists’ organizations the assaults against the journalist and the implementation of controversial media laws continue. Precisely, Civicus Monitor reports that concerns continued. The Albanian President Ilir Meta returned the controversial media laws to Parliament for reconsideration. In particular, he highlighted that the new provisions have the potential to limit free speech. Moreover, recent examples include Prime Minister Rama calling journalists rubbish bins, “spies” and “public enemies”, and referring to the media as “captured and bought”. In addition, over the last two years, Rama and some Socialist Party high officials have filed an unprecedented 35 defamation lawsuits. Read more here.

Source: Civicus Monitor

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