CfP: Rising Tide Foundation launches “Freedom in Practice” (Deadline: 30 April 2020)

CfP: ICNL Grants to CSOs Working to Promote and Protect Civic Freedoms (Deadline: Multiple)
March 12, 2020
CfP: Community Philanthropy – Enabling Legal Environment, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Deadline: 20 April 2020)
March 12, 2020

To further strengthen the impact of the funding, the Rising Tide Foundation is launching a call for proposals to identify the best projects around the globe that have the objective to promote freedom and prosperity. The Foundation believes that Freedom is the most important explanatory factor driving and shaping human well-being around the world and see a substantial contribution through projects that show tangible impacts in the following impact areas: Private sector solutions; System change; Empowerment of individuals; Teaching freedom. Preference is given to regions where the political infrastructure is robust enough to allow free market principles to be promoted, and the rule of law can realistically be expanded and grow. RTF welcomes grants from 50.000 USD up to 1 Million USD over no more than 5 years. Read more here.

Source: Mreza za izgradnju mira

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