Radical Flexibility: Strategic Funding for the Age of Local Activism

Individual Giving and Philanthropy in Turkey 2019 Report Published
February 26, 2020
Is Advocacy and Campaigning Up to Today’s Challenges?
February 26, 2020

Violent conflict is at a 30-year high. Building peace in any country requires local leadership, broad participation, and unwavering effort. Yet, the people, communities, and organizations best equipped to prevent violence and sustain peace are not receiving the recognition, respect, or resources they need from the international community. This is a situation that funders – including traditional government and private funders, as well as new donors interested in social impact and solving big global problems – can and should change. This offers the potential of ushering in a new era of more effective, locally led peacebuilding and conflict transformation. To achieve this, a radical reevaluation of the current system of donor funding is needed, as well as meaningful investment in new approaches supporting locally led efforts. Read more here.

Source: peace direct

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