Learning by Doing: CSO Transparency and Accountability in North Macedonia

Informative Session for Presentation and Signing of Grants for CSO Networks
February 26, 2020
Montenegro: Measures to Combat “Fake News” Used to Silence Journalists
February 26, 2020

In regards to the BCSDN workshop on accountability for Macedonian CSO networks, held on 28-30 January in Ohrid, North Macedonia, Rendir Cuentas, and BCSDN delivered a joint article, illustrating the partnership nature underlying the Global Standard for CSO Accountability. According to the article, judging by the Macedonian CSOs’ interest towards self-regulation and to improving their internal practices expressed in recent activities, 2020 might be a year focused on accountability of civil society in the Balkan region. Several organizations that attended the workshop were exposed for the first time to this global platform, and the training included the practical testing of the Global Standard self-assessment tools. Read more here.

Source: BCSDN

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