For New Narratives, Human Rights Needs New Forms of Economic Power

The Will and The Way: Philanthropy’s Grantmaking Defaults Must Change
February 13, 2020
How Funders Can Help Reimagine the Relationship between International NGOs and Local Partners
February 13, 2020

The rise of authoritarian political options globally has fostered an agenda that rejects multilateralism and international cooperation, while blaming traditional parties’ corruption, human rights and social movements, and migrants for the most endemic problems that societies are facing today. If the human rights movement wants to keep its role as a game changer, it substantially needs to scale up its impact. If compelling narratives and other complementary strategies are not grounded in sustainable, replicable and scalable projects, it will be hard to outweigh the political and economic power of anti-rights movements. The idea of running profitable projects that generate return while promoting rights is not necessarily novel. Many NGOs in different parts of the world are incorporating a business mindset to diversify funding options. Read more here.

Source: OpenGlobalRights

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