Diversity and Inclusion Practices and Trends in CSO Published

Can NGOs and Social Movements Be Authentic Allies?
February 13, 2020
Social Enterprises and Their Ecosystems in Europe – Comparative Synthesis Report
February 13, 2020

The report seeks to add to the growing civil society literature on the issue and aims to provide an opportunity for reflection about efforts to champion and advance diversity and inclusion action within the ranks of CSOs. Acknowledgments of the importance of diversity and inclusion often remain at the theoretical level for CSOs, and they often struggle to translate these theoretical underpinnings into practice. The research aims to bridge that gap by showcasing diversity and inclusion efforts that can be attainable through specific practices and that are already happening within CSOs, as the narratives and experiences of participants reflect. The objectives are: first, to identify practices, trends, and innovations in promoting and ensuring diversity and inclusion within CSOs, from the starting point of considering organizational cultures; and second, to identify practical suggestions and examples on how to implement diversity and inclusion practices beyond theory. Read more here.


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