CfP: Women’s Economic Empowerment – Serbia (Deadline: 24 February 2020)

CfP: MATRA 2020 Bosnia and Herzegovina (Deadline: 1 April, 1 July, 1 October 2020)
February 13, 2020
CfP: Civica Mobilitas Action Grants – North Macedonia (Deadline: 3 March 2020)
February 13, 2020

UN Women Office in Serbia is inviting CSOs working on gender equality, women’s rights and/or antidiscrimination to apply with project proposals supporting women’s economic empowerment. 5 projects will be supported, which will contribute to the implementation of the National Strategy for Gender Equality 2016-2020, more specifically to the improvement of position of women in the labour market, women’s entrepreneurship and improvement of the position of rural women. The budget range for the proposals to be implemented throughout the country should be 25,000 – 30,000 EUR, covering a period of 9 months. Read more here.

Source: fundsforNGOs

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