Trust-Based Philanthropy

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January 31, 2020
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January 31, 2020

Philanthropy has a power problem because too often, foundations get in the way of nonprofits doing the work they know best. This can slow down progress, perpetuate inefficiency, and obstruct nonprofit growth and innovation. Infused by core values of power sharing, equity, humility, transparency, curiosity, and collaboration, Trust-Based Philanthropy believes that donor’s work will be more successful and rewarding donors approach grantee relationships as an ongoing partnership rather than a one-time transaction. A trust-based approach indicates six interrelated principles (Provide Multi-Year, Unrestricted Funding; Do the Homework; Simplify & Streamline Paperwork; Be Transparent & Responsive; Solicit & Act on Feedback; Offer Support Beyond the Check) which, when practiced together, can help alleviate power imbalances. Read more here.

Source: trust-based philanthropy project

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