Using Criminal Law to Restrict the Work of NGOs Supporting Refugees and Other Migrants in CoE Member States

Instead of Shrinking Space, Let’s Talk About Humanity’s Shared Future
January 14, 2020
Monitoring Public Assembles Principles and Practices Briefer Published
January 14, 2020

The thematic study reflects on the state of NGOs carrying out humanitarian assistance and related work in support of refugees and other migrants in Council of Europe (CoE) Member States, and the extent to which any law that criminalizes NGO activity and the enforcement of such law impacts on legitimate NGO activity. The study concludes that it is apparent that in many countries in Europe, international law and standards relating to freedom of association and the protection and promotion of civic space have not been fully guaranteed in respect of NGOs supporting refugees and other migrants. This situation, undermines the work of the NGOs and increases the vulnerability of refugees and other migrants. Read more here.

Source: CoE

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