Liberties Publishes Briefings to Advise New Commission

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December 30, 2019
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December 30, 2019

Liberties’ team of experts has prepared a series of one-page briefings for the new arrivals, summarizing a bunch of civil liberties issues that we are dealing with: what the problems are, why they matter to the EU, and what we think the EU can do to solve them. CSOs are key to the proper functioning of a healthy democracy. CSOs inform the public about political debates that may affect their rights and quality of life, so that the public can make informed decisions. Like the judiciary, CSOs uphold the rule of law by making sure governments are accountable to the law. CSOs also put participatory democracy into practice by offering the public organized channels through which to speak to their representatives. The brief indicates the challenges facing CSOs, as well as protective steps the Commission could take. Read more here.


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