EC Non-Paper on Serbia: Pressures on Media and Judiciary Still Very Much Present

Western Balkans Have Yet to Embrace Freedom of Information
December 30, 2019
BCSDN Blog: Growing Pressure on WBT Civil Society and Future Challenges
December 30, 2019

An informal document of the European Commission on the situation in Chapters 23 and 24 in negotiations with Serbia, the so-called “non-paper”, has been published on the website of the Serbian Ministry of European Integration. It represents a six-month report that informs the EU Member States on the situation in areas of key importance for the European integration process. Among the details, in the non-paper, the EC points out that, with regard to freedom of expression and the media, cases of threats, intimidation, and violence against journalists remain a serious cause for concern, especially at the local level. In addition, the report adds that concerns continue to cause political and economic influence on the media. Read more here.

Source: European Western Balkans

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