CfA: 4th Edition of KYATA ‎Winter University for Security Studies, Kosovo (Deadline: 2 February 2020)

Enabling Environment in the Western Balkans and Turkey: Growing Pressure on Civil Society and Future Challenges
December 25, 2019
CfA: 1st Western Balkans Civil Society Summit 2020 – February 2020 (Deadline: TBC)
December 30, 2019

Through the Winter University, students will gain a better and clearer understanding of the capabilities and constraints that shape the policies of NATO and EU countries in determining matters of Collective Security. Furthermore, it will provide a great opportunity for participants to see the weaknesses and threats that these security actors will face on 2020. 4th Edition of KYATA ‎Winter University for Security Studies is designed to: Increase awareness of the role, organization and activities of NATO in the defense of shared democratic values; Highlight the major military – security and political issues facing NATO and EU Member States; 2020 Collective Defense and International Security Threats; etc. Read more here.

Source: Mreza za izgradnju mira

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