CPDE Study Conference on Climate Finance

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December 13, 2019
SIGNs of CHANGE for Philanthropy in the Western Balkans Region
December 13, 2019

Climate finance makes up a significant portion of financing in the 2030 Agenda. With it, comes opportunities and challenges especially around how climate finance can be effectively governed, delivered and monitored. The delivery of climate funding however is still rife with issues especially when it comes to aligning with countries national development strategies. Donor harmonization, aligning donor systems with national systems, managing for results, and mutual accountability between provider and recipient countries, remain important issues in climate financing. CPDE, through its Reference Group on Climate Finance, organized study conference to clarify the platform’s position on climate finance and to identify CPDE’s role and strategy in engaging civil society and other development actors on this subject. Read more here.

Source: CPDE

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