Civic Space Watch Report 2019- Success Stories of Resistance is Out!

CSO Meter Reports Launched
December 13, 2019
A New Playbook for International Civil Society to Put Into Action Solidarity
December 13, 2019

Activizenship is a magazine edited by the European Civic Forum, aiming to connect ideas and experiences, explore and capture current trends and transformations affecting civil society in Europe and beyond. Activizenship brings together stories and analyses to shed light on the potential of civic activism on democratic, social, environmental, cultural and political issues to contribute to renewing, rethinking and reshaping a poetics of citizenship. The fourth issue of Activizenship brings into the spotlight success stories of resistance against repression, political apathy, consumerism, exclusion, individualism and fragmentation, putting them into a wider perspective of socio-economic and political developments. The report reflects stories from countries where civic space is under growing pressure, contextualizing countries’ examples through a case study on civic space. Read more here.

Source: Civic Space Watch

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