Civic Pride Call to Action

Human Rights Defenders in The Western Balkans: Intimidation Instead of Recognition Published
December 13, 2019
CSO Platform CPDE Leads Global Day of Action Against Shrinking Civic Spaces
December 13, 2019

All over the world, millions of civic organizations and movements play an essential role in our societies, improving the lives of our communities and promoting citizens’ participation. They advocate, campaign and act to provide effective access to fundamental human rights for all. The role of independent CSOs is recognized by the UN and by the international law, by the EU legislation and by all democratic national Constitutional laws as essential element of democracy. Nevertheless, all over the world, many civic activists and rights defenders have sacrificed, and still are sacrificing their freedom and even their lives because of their civic commitment. From 5 December, all around Europe, civil society will mobilize citizens to express their support to the cause of rights and democracy for all and their solidarity, and to call institutions to fully recognize and support civil society’s work. Read more here.

Source: Civic Pride

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