Mapping Trends and Principles of Self-Regulation Regimes on Fundraising

Enabling the Environment for Philanthropy to Fully Engage in the UN 2030 Agenda
November 29, 2019
Sustaining Civil Society: Learning From Legacies of Long-Term Funding
November 29, 2019

Fundraising has been dynamically changing with the digital revolution, professionalization of fundraisers, spread of social movements and other trends over the past decade. CSOs and fundraising associations have played a key role in shaping the environment for fundraising efforts. Fundraising self-regulation has become widespread. Despite this, there has been limited academic attention and available data on the issue. The present review conducted by the Philanthropy Center on fundraising self-regulation aims to fill the gap and provides a thorough analysis of the relevant theoretical perspectives. It can serve as an analytical framework for local stakeholders that consider introducing a self-regulation mechanism for fundraising. Read more here.

Source: ECNL

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