Inequalities Unwrapped- an Urgent Call for Systemic Change Published

Action against the Anti-Rights Wave Report Published
November 29, 2019
Overcoming Enlargement Deadlock: An Action Plan for the Incoming EU Leadership
November 29, 2019

People and countries across the globe have unequal access to political decision-making, often resulting in discriminatory laws, symbols or policies and shrinking civil society space. Reducing inequalities is a complex issue that demands a systemic that looks beyond traditional development cooperation to address the other EU and Member States’ policies that have a significant impact on partner countries. To sustainably tackle various forms of inequalities worldwide, decision-makers should 1) rebuild economic, financial, political and social systems so they no longer create such inequalities, and 2) reduce excessive inequalities in our world today with the help of redistributive policies. The EU and its Member States should make sure none of their policies negatively affect inequalities abroad and ensure the new flagship initiatives under the EU’s Political Guidelines 2019–2024 positively contribute to reducing inequalities worldwide. Read more here.


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