Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law- National Developments From a Civil Society Perspective, 2018-2019, Interim Report, November 2019

Ending Impunity Acting on UN Standards on the Safety of Journalists Published
November 14, 2019
How to Advocate for Priorities During the EU Presidency?
November 14, 2019

Due to the fact that the EESC considers it essential to monitor the development of fundamental rights and the rule of law in Europe in a comprehensive way, the FRRL Group decided from the very outset to visit all the EU Member States. Five country visits took place in Romania, Poland, Hungary, Austria and France. The five countries examined do not present the same level and severity of challenges. They met with various representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs), the social partners, the media and the authorities. The EESC met with the Permanent Representations to the EU of the countries concerned prior to the missions and has invited these authorities to present their written observations on the individual country reports. Read more here.

Source: European Commission

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