Growing Pressure on Civil Society and What to do About it?

Информативна сесија за Доделување на Грантови на Мрежи на Граѓански Организации
November 7, 2019
CfA: Young Global Changers Program in Berlin, Germany (Deadline: 1 December 2019)
November 14, 2019

Based on the framework of the Monitoring Matrix for Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development, the BCSDN published a Regional Report on the trends in the enabling environment for civil society development in enlargement countries 2017/2018: “Growing Pressure on Civil Society and What to do About it?”

The report aims to fill the information gap regarding the developments in the civil society environment in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey during 2017 and 2018. The full Monitoring Matrix methodology will be implemented for the 2019 reporting period. The report also reflects the information submitted by BCSDN members (Partners Albania for Change and Development – Albania, Center for Promotion of Civil Society (CPCD) – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) – Kosovo, Macedonian Center for International Development (MCMS) – Macedonia, Center for Development of NGOs (CRNVO) – Montenegro, Civic Initiatives – Serbia, and Third Sector Foundation (TUSEV) – Turkey) participating in the third Monitoring Round within the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (Indicator II). It is part of BCSDN’s activities under the European Region Work Plan 2018 within the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE): “Grounding Effective Development Cooperation and Development Partnerships in People’s Realities and Realisation of Their Rights” financially supported by the Swedish International Development Agency – Sida.

The Report has been prepared by BCSDN Policy and Advocacy Officers Anja Bosilkova-Antovska and Biljana Spasovska, with expert input by Tina Divjak from the Centre for Information Service, Co-operation and Development of NGOs (CNVOS).

Read the report, here.

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