Sustaining Civil Society: Lessons from Five Pooled Funds in Eastern Europe Report Published!

Beyond Projects – Local Legitimacy and Civil Society Advocacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
November 1, 2019
SDG Accountability Handbook Published
November 1, 2019

The report is a call to philanthropy to stay engaged, re-engage, or start engaging in building, supporting, and nurturing civil society and its institutions, wherever those institutions are under threat. From close comparative study of five pooled funds, a set of lessons can be gleaned about supporting civil society that should be built into grantmaking strategies whenever possible. The lessons are applicable beyond Eastern Europe and are relevant both in direct grantmaking and to working through collaborations such as pooled funds. The troubling global trends toward political regimes that are hostile to civil society must be halted and a new conversation must begin. Read more about the report here.


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