Defending Civic Space: Is the International Community Stuck?

Workshop About Important Aspects of CSO Transparency and Accountability organized by MCIC
November 1, 2019
Freedoms on the Move- The Civic Space of Migrant Workers and Refugees Study Published!
November 1, 2019

Since the mid-2000s, civic space has come under attack in many countries around the world. To counter this trend, transnational actors that support civil society have responded in many ways—from exerting diplomatic pressure and building international norms to providing emergency funds for activists. Despite these efforts, governments continue to impose legal and extralegal restrictions amid a worsening larger political environment for civil society. Closing civic space now appears to be just one part of a much broader pattern of democratic recession and authoritarian resurgence. The international response seems stuck: some useful efforts have been undertaken, but they appear too limited, loosely focused, and reactive. The article offers the areas of progress in the international response, the limiting factors, as well as policy recommendations to overcome the ongoing situation. Read more here.

Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

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