BCSDN Continuing the Monitoring Matrix Implementation with a Revised Methodology

Јавен повик до Мрежи на Граѓански Организации за Доделување Грантови
October 30, 2019
Workshop About Important Aspects of CSO Transparency and Accountability organized by MCIC
October 31, 2019

On 28-29 October in Skopje, Macedonia, BCSDN organized a workshop on the Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development. At the two-day workshop, participants reflected on the previous experience of implementing the Monitoring Matrix, both in terms of the monitoring and the advocacy based on the findings, and discussed the next phase of implementation. Member organizations from the Western Balkan region and Turkey engaged in discussions to finalize the revisions of the methodology and related instruments in order to enhance the proficiency of the analysis and the standardization of the whole MM exercise.

Participants reached an agreement regarding the new methodology plan and revised instruments, and actively discussed the action plan for the next phase of the implementation of the full MM methodology, including redesign of the MM products and the development of a new Monitoring Matrix platform. The national Monitoring Matrix reports for 2019 will be published by April 2020, and the regional is planned to be available by June 2020. 


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