Enabling the Flow of Donations- International Standards that Safeguard Cross-Border Giving to CSOs

People on the Move, Lives on Hold: A Mapping of Donors Active in the Western Balkans Published!
October 15, 2019
Intrac’s Accountability Paper Published!
October 15, 2019

The objective of the paper is to provide, via concrete country examples, an overview of different ways in which national legislation of various states around the globe restricts international funding for CSOs. It focuses only on CSOs, not on other types of associations such as political parties or trade unions. The paper will likewise assess whether these types of restrictions are permissible under human rights standards as codified in international instruments ratified by these countries. It is hoped that this overview will help raise awareness among civil society and other actors as to the multi-faceted nature of this issue, and the arguments that they may use to address it in their own countries. In the long run, the contents of the paper may evolve into guidelines on the appropriate level of regulation on the funding of CSOs. 8 The paper focuses mainly and in detail on restrictions of international funding found in selected pieces of relevant legislation and how they affect the right to freedom of association of the respective entities. Read more here.

Source: ECNL

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