CIVICUS Monitor: Serbia’s Civic Space Rating Downgraded

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October 15, 2019
Conference on Media organized by Civic Initiatives: A drastic Deterioration of the Human Rights Situation in Serbia Has Been Recognized: CIVICUS Monitor Report: Serbia Falls into the Category of Countries Where Fundamental Freedoms are Obstructed
October 15, 2019

CIVICUS has downgraded Serbia’s civic space rating from Narrowed to Obstructed. The decision was taken following a thorough assessment of the state of civic freedoms in the country as protected by international law. The downgrade follows CIVICUS’ regular monitoring of the situation with our members and partners, after the government has taken a number of steps to restrict the work of independent journalists and civil society groups. The decision comes after over two years of rule by the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), during which the space for civil society has come under concerted attack. The cumulative impact of threats, smears and the threat of physical attacks against civil society have led to the Serbia’s downgrade in the CIVICUS Monitor. An Obstructed rating indicates a situation where the state imposes a variety of legal and extra-legal restrictions on civil society through demeaning statements and bureaucratic restrictions. Read more here.

Source: Civicus Monitor

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